Riot Games reveals some champion balance changes for Patch 9.16

Jax, Lux, and Shen are all getting some small buffs.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon has detailed some of the various buffs and nerfs that will be heading to League of Legends for Patch 9.16. Lux, Jax, and Shen will be targeted for buffs in this patch, while nerfs will hit Azir, Corki, and Riven.

Meddler said that the developers want to give Jax a bit more power early against ranged matchups so the developer is lowering his Q ability cooldown, going from 10 seconds at rank one to eight seconds. Lux is also getting a buff to her W rank-up because the support role was affected too much by the last nerfs she received.

The buffs to Shen will give him more splitpush power in the mid-to-late game, especially against tankier champions. Both his Q ability’s percentage health damage and E damage are being increased, which should help with this.

Azir and Corki have been heavily influencing the mid lane meta over the past patch due to their safe laning phase. They both have relatively easy ways to clear waves and also have great disengage tools.

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But now, Azir’s Q cooldown will be increasing a bit in order to give his opponents a chance to battle back against him later in the game. Riot did consider more substantial nerfs, but because he “isn’t highly OP,” the devs only applied a light touch instead.

Corki, on the other hand, will be getting bigger nerfs to his kit. His base AD and AD per level are getting hit next patch. Although the numbers might not look big, Riot said that “small looking base AD changes have large impacts historically.”

Finally, Riven will receive an increase to her Q cooldown due to her great solo queue performance at high ranks.