Riot developing MMO set in League universe, according to staff member

Fans should get excited.

Image via Riot Games

While 2020 was a massive year for Riot Games, the company has shared some plans for bigger things to come.

Greg Street, Riot Games’ VP of IP and entertainment, shared in a tweet that he is currently working on a massive project set in the League universe and would be hiring employees to help with its creation. He later confirmed that the game would be an MMO.

Over the past year Riot has expanded its offerings much more than the MOBA title. The company first launched Teamfight Tactics, an autochess game set in the League universe, and then later released first-person shooter Valorant. Fans were also treated to Legends of Runeterra and the open beta for Wild Rift, the first true League MOBA mobile experience.

Outside of Street’s tweet, no details have been revealed regarding the project. Given Riot is now hiring, however, it would appear to be in the very early stages in development.

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