Riot Games considers removing Aatrox’s revive for Patch 9.12

Riot Repertoir explained the thoughts behind the possible nerf.

Image via Riot Games

Following its plan to detail the processes behind patch updates on Twitter, Riot Games has started to give League of Legends fans some possible changes to the game’s stronger champions. One such champion is Aatrox, who might be losing one of his key mechanics in Patch 9.12.

Lead Designer David “Repertoir” Capurro revealed on Twitter he is considering a removal of the Darkin Blade’s revival while in his ultimate ability, World Ender. This revival has been a huge part of Aatrox’s kit and is a reason why he is such a strong champion to play both in solo queue and competitive.

“Early game seems stronger than what it needs to be to perform in solo queue and if he can have a fun R even without the revive, then that’s probably better for the game,” Repertoir said. “We’ll see on this one, though. Decision’s not final on this one.”

Aatrox was one of the champions that was defined as “overpowered” by Repertoir, based off his presence at the elite level of play. Aatrox is overpowered in the top lane, jungle and mid lane roles, according to the graph shown by Repertoir.

The community reactions to these possible changes were mixed—some players thought that the revive was an important part of Aatrox’s essence and also gave an interesting reset bonus. Remember, these changes aren’t guaranteed and are always being experimented with. One thing is for certain: Aatrox is very strong and should be adjusted by Riot soon.