Riot Games’ developers to discuss and make decisions on next patch via Twitter

Riot will be documenting the life of a patch cycle.

Image via Riot Games

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If you’ve played League of Legends long enough, you’ve grown to either love or hate the Riot Games “balance team” and how its decisions affect everything from ARAM to ranked solo queue. But now, Riot has decided to give the fans an inside look into the processes behind a patch update on Twitter.

Starting on Tuesday, June 4, fans will be able to check out the developers’ thoughts in real time as they discuss and make decisions on what champions or items should be changed for the next patch. In fact, Riot will be collecting all of the tweets from each developer on an official live updates webpage until Wednesday, June 19.

Usually, the decision-making process for patches is conducted behind closed doors and players never really get an inkling for why some changes are made until the actual patch day. By having the developers discuss possible changes on Twitter, fans can now understand Riot’s thoughts behind what’s happening.

People can communicate with the dev team by asking questions and responding to some tweets as well. For example, lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter revealed that he and David “Repertoir” Capurro were discussing some changes to Ryze, which will “address the player feedback he’s been getting over the weekend.”

Transparency is key for a good relationship between a company and its fan base, and showing more of the process behind a patch should help players understand why some of their favorite champions are getting nerfed into the ground.