Riot Forge reveals new League-themed rhythm game, Hextech Mayhem

The game will feature Ziggs and Heimerdinger in Riot's first rhythm runner title.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans are still shell-shocked after the recent premiere of Riot Games’ newest animated series, Arcane. But people didn’t realize that even more explosive news was on the way.

Riot Forge has unveiled a new rhythm runner titled Hextech Mayhem. Developed by Choice Provisions, who also created the BIT.TRIP video game series, Hextech Mayhem features the overcharged antics of Runeterra’s favorite bomb-blasting yordle, Ziggs.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Throughout the game, players must perform a series of jumps and attacks while trying to stay on beat to avoid obstacles, putting the boom on enemies, and lighting fuses to achieve the most explosive results. The gameplay is similar to other rhythm running titles, like Choice’s own BIT.TRIP Runner and to a lesser, more stripped-down degree, Geometry Dash.

Players will also be running away from Heimerdinger, who dares to end Ziggs’ detonation spree and stop the madness from spreading across Piltover. The grand goal for the Hexplosives Expert is to build the greatest bomb that the land has ever seen.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Hextech Mayhem will launch on Nintendo Switch, PC,, and the Epic Games Store on Tuesday, Nov. 16. It will also be available on Netflix’s in-app gaming service soon.

If fans pre-order the game, they’ll get a free Ruined Ziggs skin to use while they blow the city of Progress sky-high. Anyone with a Netflix subscription will also get access to this game for free through the program’s mobile app.

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