Riot to explore adding more support Mythics, Legendary items for mages, tanks, assassins in League’s 2022 preseason

The 2022 preseason shouldn't be a huge upheaval, but it will include a few much-needed changes.

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Riot Games completely overhauled the League of Legends item system last year, introducing a slew of unique Mythics and Legendaries to further customize gameplay. And while fans shouldn’t expect anything of that magnitude in the 2022 preseason, a “few gaps” will be filled.

Riot touched on League’s 2022 preseason today, addressing changes that players can expect for the MOBA’s 12th season. The devs plan on exploring more Mythic options for support champs, along with improving Legendary item options for mages, assassins, and tanks.

League of Legends artwork showing Jinx and Vi fighting.
Image via Riot Games

The devs initially wanted to encourage players to make “strategic decisions through item choice in every game.” Many players feel that being forced to make those important decisions about every item in their inventory can be taxing, however. To find a good balance, Riot wants to maintain that level of importance for Mythic items but open up Legendary items more.

“We still want you to make a meaningful choice at the Mythic level for every champion, but we don’t want Legendary items to be held to the same standard,” according to Riot. “Some Legendary items should be perfect for a few champs, instead of being okay for a lot of them.”

Riot recently added two Legendary items in an attempt to fill some gaps. Anathema’s Chains allows tanky supports to take reduced damage from a “Nemesis” while also taking away some of their Tenacity. And Hullbreaker gives splitpushers additional resistances and increased damage to towers when no allies are nearby. While this opened up options for beefier supports and splitpushing top laners, there’s still a need for more variety in other classes.

While Riot offered little information on the topic, mages, assassins, and tanks should receive more Legendary item options in the 2022 preseason. And the introduction of more support Mythics should help create variety in a role that features enchanters, assassins, and tanks.

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