Riot previews Hullbreaker AD splitpush item for Patch 11.13

The Hullbreaker will go live on PBE on Thursday and replace Sanguine Blade in the shop.

Fiora's splash art in League of Legends
Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games debuted plans for a new Legendary item today set to go live in League of Legends‘ next major patch in two weeks.

The item is set to replace Sanguine blade as a primary consideration for champions looking to duel in side lanes and create solo pressure around the map. Additionally, it is the first item in a couple of years to have interactions with the minions around it. Game designer Phlox originally tweeted a picture of the before it was retweeted and essentially confirmed by lead game designer Mark Yetter.

Hullbreaker not only grants a hefty dose of both attack damage (50) and health (400), but also grants up to 45 Armor and Magic Resist each, while buffing nearby cannon and siege minions to double their damage to towers.

Riot had already confirmed the departure of Sanguine Blade as an item, but the Hullbreaker is not a Mythic item, so this is not a “like-for-like” substitution. Additionally, Riot confirmed in a dev post last week that two more Legendary items would be coming to Summoner’s Rift—one for tanks, and one for enchanters.

Patch 11.13 is shaping up to be a big one. Yetter admitted as much when the dev team rolled out the changes for this week’s Patch 11.12, saying they were focused on iterating the mobility reduction changes for the following patch instead.

The item’s stats and passive are tentative and are more than likely to be changed at least some before the item’s debut in two weeks.


Henrique DaMour