Riot drops Turbo Chemtank’s active movement speed by 20 percent in Patch 11.9

Tanks are slowing down next patch.

Image via Riot Games

In the latest preview for League of Legends’ next update, gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed the item nerfs and buffs for the upcoming Patch 11.9, including big nerfs to Turbo Chemtank.

Chemtank will receive a significant reduction to its movement speed, going from 60 percent to 40 when activated, according to Riot Scruffy. Dead Man’s Plate is also getting a nerf to its base health, going from 400 to 300.

These nerfs, combined with the numerous changes to Hecarim, should cause a shift in the meta jungle champion pool. Champions like Hecarim and Udyr have all remained high priority picks in both solo queue and competitive play because of their ability to gank and catch enemies off guard with their extreme speed.

Chemtank allowed these champions to be considerably tanky as well, which made them hard to counter. Hecarim was a top-three played jungler in the LCS, LEC, and LPL this spring, according to Leaguepedia, alongside his fellow Turbo Chemtank user, Udyr.

Meanwhile, Moonstone Renewer is getting an increase of 10 to Starlit Grace’s base heal, Death’s Dance is receiving a small buff to its attack damage and armor, and Wit’s End will have its build path altered slightly and its AD increased by 10.

Lastly, Sunfire Aegis will be shifted for use in the jungle with a 50-percent increase of its Immolate damage to monsters. There have recently been several changes to the jungle, including new buffs that have pushed more picks into the role’s champion pool. Some slow-clearing junglers may start to take Aegis with its increased damage to camps.

League Patch 11.9 is expected to go live on April 28, according to the official patch schedule.

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