Riot doesn’t plan to revert Varus nerfs

One of the most popular ADCs right now could be hit hard.

Image via Riot Games

With the upcoming changes to lethality items, Riot Games was coy about making any major nerfs until after item changes were implemented, in fear that it could destroy certain champions. Recently, fans have called for ADCs and other champions to have their nerfs taken away due to these item alterations.

With Varus, however, it seems that the current popular ADC champ is one case where the item changes played some effect in reducing his power. As such, when asked if the previous nerfs to Varus would be kept, even though Edge of Night was nerfed, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, confirmed that the removal of these recent changes is not being considered at this time. “Yes, we think Varus need[ed the] nerfs, despite the Edge of Night nerf,” Meddler said. “[The] initial assessment is that it hasn’t hit him meaningfully, probably in part because its active is also useful against him.”

Edge of Night is a powerful item in League of Legends, which offers increased magic resistance, attack damage, lethality, out-of-combat movement speed and a spell shield. Needless to say, it comes as no surprise that this item was nerfed; but since it was an essential part of most Varus’ builds, ADC mains have grown concerned over the champion’s viability for the remainder of this season.

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