Riot details VFX and ability updates to Rammus, set to hit League’s PBE tomorrow

It's no joke—Rammus is finally catching up to the VFX competition.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ resident armadillo is finally getting some much-needed tuning to make him better than OK.

Following the reveal of Rammus’ new ultimate, Soaring Slam, back in January, more details have been given regarding changes to the Armordillo’s kit, including some VFX updates. Riot Sirhaian, senior VFX artist at Riot Games, announced that these changes will be hitting the PBE tomorrow, with an expected release to live servers towards the end of the Spring.

In a teaser video, Sirhaian showcased some of the major visual changes coming to Rammus’ kit that look to bring him up to speed with current visual standards. 

When using his infamous Q ability, Powerball, Rammus now shows clear wheel marks on the ground as well as dirt flying off of his shell with the wind as an indicator of his speed. 

Rammus’ W, Defensive Ball Curl, has changed from a simple round shield to now include spikes at the top—fitting his spiky-shelled dynamic.

His E, Frenzying Taunt, which taunts enemies and makes them only move and attack in the direction of Rammus, now has a visual indicator showing the direction that the enemy is forced to face. The effect looks similar to Rell’s E, Attract and Repel, but serves to only make the taunt more clear for both allies and enemies.

Rammus’s new ultimate, Soaring Slam, has him leaping straight into the battle. This ability makes Rammus hop into the air and slam down in the target location, dealing damage and slowing enemies, while those hit at the center of the ability take even more damage based on how far Rammus leaped. Rammus’ need for speed will be rewarded if players use his Q before his ultimate, as those in the center of the ultimate used in this way will be knocked up.

But Rammus’ old ultimate will live on. For a few seconds after Soaring Slam is used, aftershocks will be formed in the area that deal additional damage and slow opponents even more.

Aside from his abilities, Riot Sirhaian also revealed that Rammus’ skins would also be receiving visual updates to more modernize them. For example, Ninja Rammus and Molten Rammus have added effects to their Q abilities that relate to the skin’s thematic, while King Rammus’ W is topped with a crown fit for this royal specimen.

Players will be able to test all of Rammus’ updates tomorrow on League’s PBE. The changes made to the Armordillo are not final, and may be altered before their release on live servers later this Spring.