Riot details planned healing changes for Soraka, Dr. Mundo in League Patch 11.18

More healing, more fun.

Massive changes are coming to two of League of Legends’ most recognizable healing champions.

Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu, lead game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, revealed earlier today numerous champions are slated to receive changes in Patch 11.18, signifying a major meta shakeup before the 2021 World Championships. Soraka and Dr. Mundo were listed as receiving some buffs, and those specifics have finally been revealed.

Soraka is one of the enchanters the developers are hoping will compete with pro-play-dominant engage tanks, and changes to her healing may bring her back into a good spot. Although the healing on her W is being reduced after rank one, her ultimate will now clear all allies’ Grievous Wounds before healing them. This change comes after multiple patches of champions in solo queue having to build Grievous Wounds each game, making heal-based frail champions like Soraka fall in usage.

Since his rework, Dr. Mundo has been dominating the top lane, even the jungle. With these planned buffs, Dr. Mundo is set to become even more powerful when using his ultimate. His R, Maximum Dosage, will now grant him additional HP based on his missing HP, although he will be losing a bit of the healing per second he gains during this duration.

Soraka and Dr. Mundo join a long list of champions set to receive extensive buffs in Patch 11.18, just in time for Worlds. These changes are tentative and are subject to be altered to their release on live servers.