Riot details buffs coming to Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, and others in League Patch 11.15

Prepare for some buffs in the bottom lane.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends gameplay design team went into extensive detail regarding upcoming buffs to several champions in today’s preview of Patch 11.15. 

The patch preview outlined buffs for a slew of champions coming in the upcoming patch, with changes slated to be dealt out to 10 different champions across all five of the game’s roles. Buffs are on the table for several engage-heavy support champions such as Rell and Blitzcrank, the latter of whom is receiving a massive damage buff to Rocket Grab (Q). Other bottom lane champions including Caitlyn and Xayah are also receiving buffs, with Caitlyn set to receive a 20 percent increase to the Attack Damage ratio on Piltover Peacemaker (Q).

Xayah will receive a huge reduction to the cooldown on Featherstorm (R). The ability, which currently has a 130-second cooldown at rank three, will only be on a timer of 100 seconds in Patch 11.15.

Other champions slated to receive buffs in Patch 11.15 include Ability Power mages such as Cassiopeia, Kennen, and Syndra, as well as jungle champions like Nidalee and Shyvana. Mordekaiser is also set to receive several buffs to the cooldown and total damage threshold of Indestructible (W).  

Riot also mentioned that changes to the newly-reworked Dr. Mundo are on the table, but “more investigation is needed” regarding the champion, and that the League developers are going to wait until Patch 11.16 to make any dedicated changes to Mundo. 

League Patch 11.15 is scheduled to be released on live servers on Wednesday July 21, according to the game’s official patch schedule.