Riot denies allegations that Seraphine was “based on any individual”

It seems Seraphine's causing problems—again.

Image via seradotwav

Stephanie Dorris claimed that new League of Legends champion Seraphine might be based on her in a Twitter thread and Medium post earlier today.

Dorris’ controversial allegations got a lot of traction when she asserted the champion’s name, drawings, cat, hair color, eye color, and selfies might’ve been inspired by her. Riot, on the other hand, claims the Starry-Eyed Songstress was “not based on any individual, including Ms. Dorris,” according to Inven Global’s Tim Rizzo.

Dorris also described being in a brief relationship with a former Riot employee. The Rioter had allegedly made suggestions to his coworkers to make an “e-girl” or “awkward” skin for Ahri that would be inspired by Dorris, and even invited her to “fly out and voice act for some kind of top secret project.”

Riot made it clear the employee left “more than a year ago and was in a department and role that has no input whatsoever into the creative design process.”

Dorris’ attorney had sent a legal demand letter to Riot last month. The company said that her claim “lacks merit” and invited the attorney to “further discuss the facts.”

While Riot says Seraphine wasn’t based on any individual, senior game designer Jeevun Sidhu alluded in October that his wife was his inspiration.

Unfortunately for Seraphine, this isn’t the first time her name has popped up in a heated debate. Riot co-founder Mark “Tryndamere” Merrill confirmed that the champ’s lore would be “fixed” after it was revealed she uses Brackern souls to power up her stage and foster her magical abilities.

And many have qualms with the champion’s Twitter account, especially after she started tweeting about her anxieties and insecurities. Golden Guardians academy head coach Barento “Razleplasm” Mohammed commented that a “marketing account using self-doubt & mental health to come across as relatable is Sadge capitalism.”

Dot Esports has reached out to Dorris for a comment on the situation.