Riot confirms Jayce, Viktor, and others as characters in upcoming League animated series Arcane

Arcane's cast of familiar characters is growing exponentially.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has confirmed more League of Legends champions that are coming to the universe of Arcane, the company’s League-based animated series that’s set to release later this year.

Jayce and Viktor, both of whom are prominent champions in League, have been confirmed as characters in the show. Caitlyn, who was teased in a brief trailer for Arcane yesterday, has also been officially revealed.

The announcement of Jayce and Viktor’s appearances in the show came by way of the official Arcane Twitter account. Both champions were shown as drastically younger versions of themselves. It’s been confirmed that the events of Arcane will take place prior to the present-day League timeline. 

The official Arcane Twitter account teased the appearances of other League champions in the show yesterday, including the already-confirmed Jinx and Vi, as well as the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, and a few others. The show’s lineup of characters was officially revealed today, with other characters apart from canonically recognizable League champions also being showcased.

It’s unclear at this time what sort of role champions like Jayce and Viktor will be playing in the show, but they both have extensive ties to other confirmed characters considering they both hail from the areas surrounding Piltover and Zaun. In fact, no other League champions from any other regions of Runeterra have been confirmed to appear in Arcane at this time. 

While every character in Arcane is set to look somewhat different than how they do in League, Viktor’s appearance in the show is drastically different from his in-game model. In League, Viktor is more machine than man. His entire body and face are covered in a suit of robotic armor. In Arcane, however, Viktor takes on the appearance of a dashing young man in relatively done-up garb.

Viktor believes that “only by embracing a glorious evolution of technology can humanity’s full potential be realized,” according to Riot’s official bio on the champion. Perhaps this pre-robot-transformation look of Viktor’s will tie into the champion’s origin story in some way. 

Still, many details surrounding Arcane have yet to be revealed. League fans are still waiting for an official release date for the show since neither Riot nor Netflix has revealed any information as to when in the year the series will premiere. As of now, Arcane is set to hit Netflix sometime before the end of 2021. 

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