Riot plans to celebrate League’s 10-year anniversary with League/TFT showmatch streams and a special episode of Riot Pls

It's already been a decade since the release of League of Legends.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will host a few festivities on Tuesday, Oct. 15 in NA and October 16 in EU in celebration of League of Legends‘ 10-year anniversary.

The event begins at 12pm CT with various Riot employees celebrating the milestone “in-game and across digital platforms,” which could mean a multitude of different things. Two and half hours later, Riot will be broadcasting League and Teamfight Tactics showmatches on Twitch and YouTube. We can expect some top-level streamers and Riot employees to take part in the excitement.

After another two and a half hours, the League 10-year celebration pre-show will begin, hosted by popular LCS desk host James “Dash” Patterson. Afterward, a special 10-year anniversary edition of Riot Pls will air.

There will also be two big things that will be featured during the celebration. First, fans will get a first look at the upcoming preseason update for Summoner’s Rift. They’ll get a sneak peek at what Riot plans to do for regular League, while also getting a preview of the new content coming to TFT’s second set.

It’s hard to imagine that League has been already out for a decade. The scene has grown exponentially since the beginning. From its humble start at DreamHack Summer to selling out the Madison Square Garden, this esport has become one of the biggest forces in the industry. Most League fans are excited to see what Riot has in-store for the game in the years to come.