Riot calls on League community for feedback on champion-unique Eternals

The list includes three Eternals for each of League’s 145 champions.

Image via Riot Games

After announcing Eternals last month, Riot Games has since been in the process of tweaking the new League of Legends achievement system to better align with the community’s feedback. But the developer is once again enlisting the help of players from around the world to decide trackers for champion-based achievements.

Design lead Riot Xengenic posted to League’s Dev corner today with a new update regarding unique sets of champion-based Eternals with a list of ideas for each champion. These achievements feature requirements that are unique to the champion’s abilities, such as Sylas’ “Stop Hitting Yourself” achievement—an achievement that tracks how many kills a Sylas player gets within six seconds of damaging enemies with their stolen ultimates.

The list from today’s update includes three proposed achievements for each of League’s 145 champion. Each champion’s set of Eternals include both skill-expressive measurements and more accessible ones that can be grown larger over time.

With today’s list, Riot is asking players to send their feedback on what they do or don’t like about the proposed Eternals, as well as any suggestions for achievements not included in the list. The list is set to change overtime as more player feedback trickles in.

The League of Legends developer released an update on the champion-based achievement system nearly two weeks ago that separated Eternals into two different categories: common and unique. Common sets feature “broadly-applicable” achievements, such as number of kills or objectives destroyed, while unique sets include custom-built Eternals based on the champion—many of which have been proposed in today’s update.

Eternals are now available on League’s Public Beta Environment, where they’ll remain for further testing before going live in a later patch.