Riot confirms plans to broadcast Chinese, Korean pro leagues

Riot Games is consolidating the broadcast side of their esports empire

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is consolidating the broadcast side of their esports empire. The top League of Legends competitions in Korea and China will air in English on LoL Esports alongside the League Championship Series.

The esports giant will work with Korean broadcaster OnGameNet to bring its English broadcast of the League of Legends Champions league to the Riot website. In addition, the company will create an in-house broadcast team to stream LoL Pro League matches out of China, confirming a Daily Dot report released over the weekend.

In the post, Riot directly addressed concerns about the dismantling of community initiative LPLen as a consequence of the move. LPLen previously broadcasted LPL matches in English, and Riot stated that it was still “exploring opportunities” to work with that team in the future. As of now, the only confirmed member of the Riot Games LPL broadcast is Max “Atlus” Anderson, known for his work in the Oceanic Pro League.

Korea’s Champions league begins tomorrow with SK Telecom T1 battling NaJin e-mFire, and will air live weekly on the following schedule:

  • Wednesdays at 4am ET/10am CET/6pm KST
  • Fridays at 3am ET/9am CET/5pm KST
  • Saturdays at 3am ET/9am CET/5pm KST

The LPL, China’s top league, begins on Jan. 16, airing on the following schedule:

  • Friday at 12am ET/6am CET/1PM
  • Saturdays at 12am ET/6am CET/1PM
  • Sundays at 12am ET/6am CET/1PM

The initiative brings the four major league under one house, making LoL Esports a one-stop-shop for catching the top League of Legends competition.