Reworked Volibear hits live servers for League’s Patch 10.11

Fear the Relentless Storm.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans better be ready for a storm tomorrow because reworked Volibear will be making his way to the live servers for Patch 10.11.

The demigod of thunder has been reborn in a flash of fury and lightning by Riot Games. He’ll be terrorizing Summoner’s Rift with a collection of new abilities, sound and visual effects, and a plethora of redesigned skins. Volibear even has a horror-themed skin that should come free if you own the champion before the update.

Image via Riot Games

Volibear’s kit has been designed from the ground up, with each ability bringing something new to the table. His Q, Thundering Smash, is similar to his old Q. But instead of flipping his enemies, he now stuns them with a savage slam of his paws.

His W ability, Frenzied Maul, damages an enemy while applying on-hit effects. It also marks the enemy, and if the player casts this spell again on the same target, it’ll deal bonus damage and heal Volibear.

Image via Riot Games

The bear’s E ability summons a lightning bolt to hit the ground, which damages and slows enemies while also giving Volibear a shield if he’s in the blast radius. Lastly, his ultimate ability has the player leap and slam into a target area. At the same time, Volibear gains bonus health while also disabling any nearby towers for a short period of time.

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Riot’s design choices made Volibear look a lot more primal than previous iterations. He has spikes protruding from his back and his model looks more brolic than ever before.

A storm is brewing over Runeterra. If you hear the thunder roar, you might want to turn tail and run the other way. Patch 10.11 will be released on Thursday, May 28.