Report: Riot Games to terminate Echo Fox LCS license if team fails to remove owner

Will EF stay in the league?

Riot Games plans to terminate Echo Fox’s LCS license on Monday if the team does not remove minority owner Amit Raizada, who used several racial slurs in emails and text messages, according to an ESPN report.

Riot initially allowed Echo Fox a 60-day window to resolve the ownership issue, but it gave the organization a seven-day extension earlier in the week. From the beginning, Riot threatened to take action if Raizada was not removed.

ESPN reported today that if Raizada is not removed by Monday, Riot will notify Echo Fox of a breach of agreement, which would force the team out of the LCS. Echo Fox has been a part of the league since December 2015, at which time former NBA player Rick Fox purchased Gravity’s LCS spot.

Fox reportedly said he would leave the organization in April due to Raizada’s remarks.