Renekton, Lillia hit with heavy nerfs in latest League Patch 11.6 preview

Some of League's most contested champions are getting hit with serious nerfs.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter went into extensive detail today regarding upcoming nerfs to several champions in Patch 11.6. 

Perhaps two of the hardest-hit champions in the upcoming patch will be Renekton and Lillia, who each received heavy nerfs to their ultimate abilities. 

Renekton is seeing a substantial late-game nerf. The amount of bonus health he’ll receive when casting Dominus (R) is being reduced from 750 to 550 at max rank. This nerf should make the croc slightly less frightening in the later stages of the game. 

Lillia players can expect the cooldown of Lilting Lullaby (R) to go up throughout the course of each game. At level six, the cooldown of her ultimate is set to be increased from 130 seconds to 150. At max rank, the ability’s cooldown is being increased from 90 seconds to 110. This nerf should give the champion far less of a teamfighting presence throughout each game.

These two champions in particular have established quite the presence in professional play this season. Renekton’s pick/ban rate of 68 percent is the third-highest across all pro regions, while Lillia’s presence rate of 59 percent is the 10th highest in the League roster, according to stats site

So far in 2021, Renekton has stood out as the most-contested top lane champion in professional play, while only Olaf outranks Lillia in the jungle with a pick/ban rate of 74 percent. 

League Patch 11.6 is expected to hit the live servers on Wednesday, March 17, according to the official 2021 patch schedule.

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