Rammus slated to receive ‘small rework,’ to be announced in upcoming League of Legends developer blog

Rammus' kit has remained largely intact since his release in 2009.

Image via Riot Games

After new abilities were showcased for Rammus during the League of Legends: Wild Rift portion of today’s season 2021 announcement livestream, it’s become clear that Rammus is also set to receive a “small rework” in the PC version of League of Legends, according to League gameplay design director Mark Yetter. 

New abilities for the character, including a reworked passive and ultimate, were both teased for the mobile game. Next week’s dev blog, which was also hinted at by Yetter today, will provide “full details” surrounding the updates that the champion will receive. 

Rammus’ new ultimate, which is tailor-made for the mobile game, is called “Soaring Slam,” according to Wild Rift design director Brian Feeney. The ability “allows him to leap into the air and create tremors where he lands.” Additionally, Rammus’ iconic roll ability, known in-game as “Powerball,” is now a passive ability in Wild Rift

It’s unclear whether these abilities will be included as part of the “small rework” for Rammus in the PC version of League that was teased by Yetter. Regardless, Rammus hasn’t received any major patches to his kit since 2017 and his abilities have remained almost entirely intact since the character was released over a decade ago.

As one of League’s most dated champions, any rework would be a welcome sight for the armadillo.

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