Rammus gives Kayn a free ride to take down ally Ashe in League

That wasn't OK.

Image via Riot Games

ADC players have been thoroughly enjoying the recent durability changes introduced to League of Legends, allowing them to withstand more damage before being sent back to the fountain. Yet when an enemy is led directly into the ADC, there isn’t much they can do but watch.

In a clip posted on Reddit, an Ashe player, hoping to get to safety after the enemy team secured the Baron, did not expect the opposing Kayn to catch them so quickly. In what they dubbed “Taxi Driver Rammus,” Kayn used his ultimate to hitch a ride on Ashe’s ally Rammus, who was heading right into where Ashe thought they were safe.

Rammus did not slow down when Kayn used his ultimate. Instead, he sped directly in the direction of the then-low-health Ashe. Kayn popped out of Rammus and right onto Ashe, killing her in seconds while the rest of his team took care of those coming to the rescue. 

The Baron-empowered enemy team had four nearly full-health players on their side, sending Ashe and her ally Jax back to base. Ironically, Rammus was the only member of Ashe’s team in the fight to roll away safely, without any pings from his allies questioning what he had just done.

With the ever-increasing number of champions available in League, it occasionally becomes hard to remember what exactly each one does. Whether this Rammus player forgot how Kayn worked or made this play intentionally is not clear, but it certainly wasn’t beneficial for the team regardless. 

The number of kills suggests that this was a custom game, though the play itself is sure to be remembered by this Ashe.