All of the teams that have qualified for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship

Who made the cut?

Photo via Riot Games

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Europe is coming soon. The event will feature the best teams in the world fighting for a shot at winning the Summoner’s Cup. And for the first time, there’s hope in the LEC that a home team can get to the finals and become the world champion.

But first, teams need to actually qualify for a shot at making a run at Worlds. Various teams from multiple leagues across the globe are lined up to have a chance to represent their region, but only a few can actually make it.

Just like in previous years, the top two teams from the LCS, LEC, and LMS will be placed into the group stage, but there’s been a changing of the guard this year. Following Invictus Gaming’s 2018 Worlds victory, only two of the LCK teams will go straight into the group stage, while all three LPL teams will slot into pool play alongside Vietnam’s (VCS) first seed.

This means that the third seeds from the LCS, LEC, LCK, and LMS, and the second seed from VCS will be forced to fight through the play-in stage against the International Wildcard teams for a shot at the final four spots in the group stage.

Here are all of the teams attending Worlds, as well as how they qualified for this event.

LCS (North America)

Team Liquid: First seed after beating Cloud9 in the LCS Finals 3-2 on Aug. 25.

Cloud9: Second seed due to having the most Championship Points in the LCS.

Clutch Gaming: Third seed after defeating TSM in the LCS regional qualifier on Sept. 8.

LEC (Europe)

G2 Esports: First seed after defeating Fnatic in the LEC Summer finals.

Fnatic: Second seed after taking down Splyce in the regional qualifier finals.

Splyce: Third seed after falling to Fnatic in the regional qualifier finals..

LCK (South Korea)

SK Telecom T1: First seed after defeating Griffin in the LCK Summer finals.

Griffin: Second seed due to having the most Championship Points in the LCK.

DAMWON Gaming: Third seed after winning the 2019 LCK Regional Finals. 


J Team: First seed after winning the 2019 LMS Summer crown.

ahq Esports Club: Second seed due to having the most Championship Points in the region.

Hong Kong Attitude: Third seed after winning the 2019 LMS Regional Finals.

LPL (China) 

FunPlus Phoenix: First seed after beating RNG in the 2019 LPL Summer Championship.

Royal Never Give Up: Second seed due to having the most Championship Points in the LPL.

Invictus Gaming: Third seed for the LPL after beating Top Esports in the LPL Regional Finals.

VCS (Vietnam)

GAM Esports: First seed after taking down Team Flash in VCS Summer finals.

Lowkey Esports: Second seed as VCS Summer runners-up.

CBLOL (Brazil)

Flamengo Esports: Won the CBLOL 2019 Split 2 finals. 

LCL (Russia)

Unicorns of Love: Defeated Vega Squadron in LCL Summer finals on Sept. 15.

LJL (Japan)

DetonatioN FocusMe: Qualified through the LJL 2019 Summer Finals.

LLA (Latin America)

Isurus Gaming: Defeated ALL Knights in the LLA 2019 Closing Playoffs.

OPL (Oceania)

Team Mammoth: Defeated the Chiefs in OPL Summer finals on Aug. 31.

LST (South East Asia)

MEGA: First seed after winning LST Summer finals.

TCL (Turkey)

Royal Youth: Defeated Bahçeşehir Supermassive in TCL Summer finals on Aug. 31.