Pulsefire Thresh and Victorious Aatrox kick off League’s preseason with Patch 9.23

Celebrate the end of season nine in style.

Image via Riot Games

League’s preseason is finally here. From new map terrain to end-game Dragon Soul buffs, there’s a lot in store for the game’s meta as season 10 approaches. Riot Games is keeping things simple in the skins department, however.

Only two skins will arrive on the live servers during the Patch 9.23 cycle: Pulsefire Thresh and Victorious Aatrox. Pulsefire Thresh can be purchased in League’s client store for 1,350 RP. Victorious Aatrox, on the other hand, will only be available as an end-of-season reward for players who have reached Gold or higher in ranked.

Those who’ve accomplished the task will automatically see Victorious Aatrox appear in their skin library. Additionally, players who have hit Gold in two or more ranked queues will receive a red chroma for the skin. Those who don’t own Aatrox will also receive the Darkin Blade free of charge.

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Pulsefire Thresh will receive this patch cycle’s Prestige Edition. The golden variant will feature the futuristic skin with a new lantern, model and textures, and a matching set of golden-themed visual effects. Fans will be able to unlock the skin with 100 Prestige Points from the Hextech Crafting tab.

Patch 9.23 is set to arrive on live servers Nov. 20 at 3:30am CT, according to a status report from Riot. Like most skin releases, however, Pulsefire Thresh and Victorious Aatrox likely won’t hit the Rift until later in the week.