Over half of the League players in bronze or silver climbed out of those tiers in 2018

The higher rank you are, the harder it is to climb.

Image via Riot Games

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Have you ever wondered how hard it is to climb out of a tier in League of Legends? If you’re silver, for example, are you supposed to stay that way at the end of the season? Or is getting to gold a realistic goal?

According to data from League stats and guide site Mobalytics, you should, in fact, be able to climb out of silver. Around 70 percent of bronze players and 50 percent of silver players were able to climb out of those tiers.

Image via Mobalytics

In both cases, it took around 24 to 25 games to climb a division. Last year, there were still five divisions per tier, so it took a while to achieve. But at the end of the year, most players at the lower Elo levels were able to climb.

Not surprisingly, it gets harder to climb the higher Elo you get. The number of games required to climb out of gold, platinum, and diamond goes up at an exponential rate. But it doesn’t take that many more days to do so, probably because players at those ranks tend to play more than the average player.

Mobalytics also found that players who use their suite of stats tools and guides tend to do better. Over 100,000 players used the site last year, and a majority of them were able to climb faster than those who didn’t.

Image via Mobalytics

What’s not in the data is if those who don’t use Mobalytics prefer another platform for stats, builds, and advice. Mobalytics does provide several unique features, such as the ability to give personalized feedback based on the numbers.

But even if you don’t use the service or any other, the data is clear: You should be able to climb, especially if you’re in low Elo. Iron tier didn’t exist last year, but if you found yourself starting there—like Rick Fox—don’t give up. Chances are that with enough games, you’ll be able to get out.

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