Over 30 champions get massive win rate changes on first day after League’s durability update goes live

It may have just been one day, but Patch 12.10 appears to have shaken the very foundation of League.

Image via Riot Games

After months of burst damage, healing, and shielding being the dominant factors in winning games of League of Legends, the long-awaited durability patch has officially gone live, giving all champions a few more innate tools to help games go longer. In just one day of being live, this update has led to a large number of champions seeing their win rates change tremendously, for both better and worse.

More than 20 champions have received massive increases to their win rates with the launch of Patch 12.10, while many others had their win rates plummet on the first day of the patch, according to Platinum and above data from League stats websites U.GG and OP.GG. A compiled list of champions that have seen plus or minus two percent to their win rates on Reddit shows that many of those performing better are returning to the meta after some time away, leaving others to be sidelined.

Champions that have enjoyed the durability updates immensely include ones that struggled to contend against large amounts of damage, particularly mages. Aurelion Sol, Vel’Koz, and Brand are examples of champions that have seen their win rates jump to over 50 percent, specifically in the mid lane, where the latter two have not been used efficiently in some time.

Kayle, Olaf, Anivia, and Zilean are being eyed as some of the champions that have benefitted the most from the durability changes, specifically the fact that games now tend to run longer. Each currently has a win rate nearing 55 percent in Platinum and above.

Meanwhile, tank and fighter champions appear to be struggling to contend with longer, drawn-out games due to many now being unable to amass early leads for themselves. This includes champions like Irelia and Kled in the top lane, as well as Nunu and Willump, Sejuani, and Rammus in the jungle.

This data is from the first day of League’s Patch 12.10 and will change as more players begin to fully understand the massive durability overhaul to all of the game’s champions. But this is the first time that a significant portion of League’s cast of champions has seen substantial win rate changes simultaneously on a patch’s launch day, making it unclear how Riot Games may attempt to issue balance changes in the near future.