Ornn player saves teammate by upgrading their item mid-teamfight in League game

This player did their homework.

Image via Riot Games

Little-known tidbits of League of Legends knowledge can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a game. In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, one League player used Ornn’s passive, Living Forge, to upgrade a teammate’s item mid-fight, effectively saving their life and keeping them in the skirmish long enough to secure their team’s victory. 

In the clip, the Ornn’s teammate, a Jinx player, was caught dead in the sights of an opposing Yone player, who used their ultimate, Fate Sealed (R), to close the gap between themselves and the Jinx player in the process. Luckily, the Jinx player used the active ability attached to Galeforce to avoid Yone’s ultimate, repositioning themselves in the teamfight. 

While the Jinx player was staving off the Yone, their teammate, the Ornn player, upgraded their Galeforce to Typhoon, the enhanced version of the Mythic item. During the exchange, the upgrading of Galeforce to Typhoon reset the item’s cooldown, granting the Jinx player an extra dash. 

Within seconds, they needed to use that extra dash since an opposing Jarvan IV player used their Demacian Standard (E) and Dragon Strike (Q) combo to dive on top of the Jinx. The extra dash granted to them by Ornn’s passive allowed the Jinx to move out of the way of Jarvan, once again repositioning. 

The Jarvan player stuck to their target, using Cataclysm (R) to entrap the Jinx. Once again, the Ornn player’s game knowledge came to the rescue, though. The Ornn used Searing Charge (E) to dash into the walls of Jarvan’s ultimate. Ornn’s dash partially destroys player-created terrain that it comes in contact with.

As Jarvan’s ultimate crumbled, the Jinx player was able to walk out of its range and continue the teamfight safely. 

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