Origen demolish G2 Esports in week 5 of LEC Summer Split

Five of the LEC's top teams are now tied in third place.

Photo via Riot Games

After last week’s break, the LEC returned today and fans were treated to another G2 Esports vs. Origen showdown. Origen dominated the reigning kings of Europe, however, in just under 35 minutes.

League of Legends fans kept waiting for G2 to turn things around in this match like they usually do. But Origen proved once again that they’re the better team right now.

After a calm early game in which Jankos picked up first blood on Alphari, things quickly started to go the opposite way. Upset roamed around in an endless killing spree and G2 started to look lost on the Rift while Origen gained a significant early advantage with a 4,000 gold lead.

By the 30-minute mark, Origen had a 6,000 gold advantage and G2 would have needed a miracle to turn the game around. Although Caps was dealing significant damage, Origen carried out a clean game, finding their opportunities and making all the right calls.

Origen came into this week after the break with support player Jactroll in the starting roster. The organization acquired him from Vitality earlier this week.

This marks the second time Origen have defeated G2 this split after also claiming a win against them in the first week of the 2020 LEC Summer Split. After this loss, G2 have a 5-5 record, joining Fnatic, Misfits Gaming, Origen, and SK Gaming in a tie for third place.

Origen will be back in action tomorrow to face Misfits at 1pm CT. G2 will have to get their act together before their match against this season’s unstoppable MAD Lions at 3pm CT.