OpTic’s Dardoch to explore his options in the League offseason

The offseason roster changes could begin soon.

Photo via Riot Games

OpTic Gaming’s jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett tweeted that he’s been given permission to pursue other opportunities ahead of the 2020 season after OpTic failed to qualify for the 2019 World Championship.

The jungler, who’s had stints with various NA LCS teams including Team Liquid, Immortals, and Echo Fox, said last night that he’s still under contract but he’s allowed “to explore my options during this offseason.”

OpTic’s League of Legends team is set to be rebranded to Immortals in the 2020 NA LCS season after Immortals Gaming Club acquired Infinite Esports and Entertainment, the parent company of OpTic, on June 12. Dardoch’s announcement likely means that Immortals could be looking to shake up OpTic’s League roster to challenge for the LCS title next year.

Dardoch was moved to OpTic’s Academy team in the summer after a disappointing Spring Split where the team came in seventh. He was replaced on the main roster by William “Meteos” Hartman. OpTic’s Academy lineup also finished seventh in the Summer Split.

Dardoch will likely try to get on a new team in the LCS next year to challenge for a main roster spot and attempt to prove himself once again in North America.