OpTic GM Romain Bigeard has left the organization

The decision has cast doubt on OpTic's League of Legends future.

Photo via Riot Games

OpTic Gaming’s League of Legends general manager, Romain Bigeard, has left the organization due to conflicting opinions about the future of the organization’s League department.

“Due to a difference of opinion regarding the future of the LoL department, I’m parting ways with OpTic Gaming,” Bigeard said in his announcement on social media. “I’m now a free agent.”

The news follows comments by League personality and former pro player William “Scarra” Li, who hinted at financial problems in the NA LCS. He also raised concerns over the viability of the league and stated that NA LCS  organizations might be looking to put their teams up for sale.

OpTic could, in theory, be one of those teams that Scarra was commenting on. The motive behind Romain’s resignation could also point towards OpTic looking to sell its slot in the NA LCS for next year’s competition.

Romain isn’t the only person to announce he is leaving OpTic, however.  OpTic’s ADC Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon announced that he would also be leaving the roster a few days ago and was on the look out for a new team.

Romain was originally part of the EU LCS’ Unicorns of Love before joining OpTic’s League team at the start of the year. OpTic had an abysmal start to life in the NA LCS, finishing ninth in the Spring Split and, more recently, seventh in the Summer Split, barely missing out on a playoffs spot.