Olaf, Rammus, Annie, and 7 other meta champs slammed with nerf hammer in LoL Patch 13.7

The devs are trying to balance the meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games developers are aiming to balance some of the strongest champions in League of Legends meta by targeting them with the nerf hammer in the upcoming Patch 13.7.

The detailed list of changes for the forthcoming update was released by League’s lead designer, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison on March 28. The list details the major overhauls coming for champions like Rammus, Olaf, or Annie, who are currently some of the top champions in their respective roles.

Some champions, like Rammus, Lee Sin, Annie, Zeri, or Wukong, will only see nerfs to their basic stats and one or two abilities. Yet, in some cases, these tweaks could be enough to lower their pro play and solo queue prowess.

Annie, for example, will have a longer cooldown on her E, with the amount of shield on it being lowered as well. This could seriously impact her laning phase and teamfighting. Rammus will also have a much lower max level converter on his W, which is his main ability, that could hurt him considerably.

Another champion that will get a strong hit is Olaf. His Q will deal less damage and have a slightly lower cooldown following the Patch 13.7 nerfs. The Berserker will also have a longer cooldown on his ultimate and a smaller passive attack speed.

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Overall, the champs that are getting slammed with the nerf hammer could see lower win rates once the upcoming update goes live. In Platinum+ ranks, for example, Olaf is the fifth-strongest top laner with a 52.24 percent win rate, while Annie is the second-strongest mid laner with a stunning 52.91 percent win rate, according to a League stat site, U.GG.

Patch 13.7 is expected to go live next Wednesday, April 5.

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