Nunu player gets a pentakill with Nocturne’s ult active in URF

As it turns out, two ultimates combined can lead to a devastating combo.

Image via Riot Games

The popular Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode is once again available in League of Legends. Players can enjoy their short cooldowns on any champion, which naturally often leads to some random plays across Summoner’s Rift. 

Reddit user Krayon Knight experienced a unique interaction during a recent game of URF.

The player, using Twitch, grouped up with their team in the middle lane to initiate a teamfight. Krayon Knight’s squad eliminated three enemies: Nocturne, Ryze, and Katarina. But the enemy team’s Nocturne used his Paranoia (R) before dying, which turned out to be a defining moment in the game. 

As a result, Krayon Knight’s team vision was down for a couple of seconds. Nevertheless, they decided to chase down the remaining two members of the enemy team, which seemingly made sense. But they forgot about one key detail: the rival Nunu and Willump was still alive. 

With their vision still down, the remaining players of Krayon Knight’s squad followed the enemies to the nearest bush. And to their surprise, Nunu was channeling Absolute Zero (R). By the time that the Reddit user’s team noticed, it was already too late. The Boy and His Yeti recast the ability and instantly eliminated four enemies—after previously taking down the Nocturne—to grab a pentakill. 

Regardless of how the match ended, if this clip teaches us anything, it’s a solid reminder to almost never blind check a bush in League. Otherwise, you may quickly find yourself in the fountain—especially if you have no vision and the enemy has a Nunu. 

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