Nunu and Willump’s kit has been revealed, and they look extremely fun

You get a snowball, you get a snowball, everyone gets a snowball!

Image via Riot Games

Following their official release, Nunu and Willump’s kit was revealed earlier today, and it looks extremely entertaining to play.

The duo is meant to feel more like, well, a duo, rather than a single champion, hence the name change from Nunu to Nunu and Willump. Unlike other champions with a similar theme—like Sejuani and Quinn—Nunu and Willump actually feel like two characters working together, and their abilities only solidify that identity.

Here’s a list of all the new abilities, as well as the splash art for Nunu and Willump’s base skin. 


Image via Riot Games

Passive: Call of the Freljord

This revamped passive ability allows Nunu and Willump to potentially make a return to the Rift as a support champion instead of just a jungler. Every time the duo attack an enemy champion, large monster, or structure, the passive activates, increasing Willump’s attack speed and that of a nearby ally, prioritizing ones with the most attack speed. In addition, Willump’s basic attacks will deal area-of-effect damage as long as Call of the Freljord is active.

The attack speed steroid means that Nunu and Willump essentially always have an Ardent Censor when pushing and in teamfights. If he is good enough to be played as a support, all-ins from Nunu and Willump could be lethal.

Q: Consume

The old Nunu’s bread and butter spell, Consume has stayed mostly the same. It still does true damage to monsters and minions and heals Nunu and Willump, though the cast time is much shorter and the spell heals for more if the duo are low on health.

The pair can now activate Consume on enemy champions as well, dealing magic damage. Since Nunu and Willump still receive the heal if they cast the spell on an enemy champion, they might work as a decent solo laner.

W: Biggest Snowball Ever!

This ability might be the most fun one in the kit. Willump begins rolling a massive snowball that increases in size the farther it is pushed. When it hits an enemy champion, a wall, or a large monster, the snowball explodes and knocks up nearby enemies. 

The ability can also be reactivated to send it flying in a straight line, knocking up minions and enemy champions in its path. The ability does more damage and has a longer knockup the farther it travels.

E: Snowball Barrage

Nunu fires off a barrage of snowballs, slowing and applying enemies hit with Snowbound. Nunu can fire up to three volleys at once, and when the ability ends any Snowbound enemies that are near the duo are rooted.

R: Absolute Zero

This ability stays essentially the same as before, with Nunu and Willump dealing damage in a large area after some time. Nunu and Willump also receive a shield when the ability is channeling. The slow and damage on the ultimate also increase the longer it is channeled.