Nuguri leads FunPlus Phoenix to a win over Top Esports in sixth week of 2021 LPL Summer Split

The world champion top laner had a formidable series today.

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Nuguri led FunPlus Phoenix to a dominant 2-0 win over Top Esports today in the sixth week of the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

TES had a couple of dominant victories in the past weeks and looked like they could potentially match FPX, but today’s series showed that there is a huge difference between the two teams. While TES struggled to pick up leads on the map, FPX were decisive with their movement, grouping up together as a team and picking up objectives left and right before finishing the matches.

Solo laners Nuguri and Doinb picked up the MVP votes. Both players had strong performances in today’s series with two different picks. Nuguri got his vote after a spectacular Gwen performance where he took over teamfights against TES, while Doinb picked up his vote after his Galio gameplay. His ultimates were on point throughout the entire match, helping his team secure clean teamfight wins.

In the first match of today’s League of Legends series, FPX went for a heavy dive composition with Nocturne, Gwen, and Rakan. TES replied with Renekton, Xin Zhao, and Leona, realizing that you need fire to beat fire, especially in the current engage-heavy meta. After a couple of early game kills, the match slowed down with both teams looking to farm up for their core items. Even though FPX had a small gold lead at the start, they weren’t able to keep it or extend it as TES looked to get back into the game.

The match looked intense with both teams winning various teamfights once they started grouping up. However, the final battle was for the Mountain Dragon Soul which would have been the end for TES. As soon as the team realized that it was a do-or-die scenario, they tried to contest it but lost the objective and, ultimately, the match.

In the second match, TES looked lost and FPX capitalized on this. They went for more aggressive plays early on, which helped them build a gold lead and slowly zone their opponents out from picking up creep experience or gold. As the game progressed, FPX looked in clear control of the match and kept pressing their opponents with a lot of pressure on the map. After a dominant 27-minute teamfight, FPX closed out the series 2-0.

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FPX (8-3) will be back later this week with two matches against Oh My God and Suning. Both teams are sitting the middle to the bottom part of the standings and should prove no challenge for FPX, who are challenging EDG for the first place in the standings.

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