Nongshim RedForce pulls off huge upset vs. DRX in 2021 LCK Spring Split

Peanut popped off today, reminiscent of his former SKT form.

Photo via Riot Games

What should have been an easy series for DRX quickly became a nightmare as the rookies from Nongshim RedForce popped off today. DRX struggled to maintain their composure and NS completed a huge 2-1 upset over their competitors.

The MVP votes were picked up today by Kellin and Peanut. Both veteran players performed superbly today, exposing DRX’s weaknesses and using their expertise to lead their rookie teammates to a victory.

The first game began with early game skirmishes from the NS squad, with Kellin leading the charge on Rell with his roams. He was the catalyst of the first game win with his great map coverage and engages. The second game was a reverse situation of the first one with DRX securing Rell and destroying their opposition.

With the series equalized, DRX banned out Rell since they were on red side to prevent a first pick from their opponents. However, Seraphine was open and NS picked up a utility oriented composition and steamrolled through DRX in teamfights, securing the upset.

Following this victory, NS(5-9) remain in seventh place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split standings. This win moves them clear to the sixth seed, which will net them a playoff spot. With a schedule of weaker teams ahead, NS should be able to pick up some wins and secure the playoff spot over KT Rolster.

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