Nexus health decreased, Nexus and inhibitors no longer restore health after unannounced League Patch 12.6 changes

Huge changes were seen in the game's latest update.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends’ most recent patch, some players noticed there were some significant changes made to the game that went undocumented in the notes sent out by Riot Games.

Popular League content creator Vandiril released a new video showing the changes in this patch, with the original Nexus sitting at a formidable 5,500 health. Both the Nexus and the inhibitors also regained 10 health per second if left undamaged. In Patch 12.6, however, the game’s Nexus has gotten its health nerfed to a mere 3,010 and both the Nexus and the inhibitors no longer regain health.

This was tested on both sides, just to ensure it wasn’t affecting only one team on Summoner’s Rift. This is a huge adjustment that can affect the course of any game, both in solo queue and in competitive play, since many people and teams will have to change how they draft and strategize in-game.

One team could simply play strong splitpushers and continuously threaten to take the enemy base objectives since inhibs don’t heal anymore and the Nexus has much less health. One person in the video’s comments, for example, said that they were shocked to take the enemy Nexus in five to six hits on Trundle with Hullbreaker.

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Although this might seem like major news, the player base might not want to be up in arms just yet. Vandiril said there is a good chance that this change was a mistake and the developers will be sending out a fix for the mistake soon.

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