Next League of Legends skin shard now available through Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime members have another chance to test their luck.

Image via Riot Games

Prime Gaming is rewarding Amazon Prime members yet again with a new League of Legends skin shard that may hold untold riches or nothing but mediocrity.

By logging into the Prime Gaming website, Prime members will be able to claim the second free skin shard of August as a part of the collaboration between Amazon and Riot Games. These skin shards are available every two weeks for players to get their hands on, though the contents of each are completely random. Following this drop, there will be 11 more skin shards for Amazon Prime members to obtain throughout the rest of 2021.

League players can access these skin shards by heading to the inventory tab in the client after claiming the loot from Prime Gaming. Upon opening it, players will be rewarded with a random piece of a skin for any champion in the game, ranging from normal skins to the possibility of Legendary and Ultimate skins. Of course, skin rarity is a major factor in what pops out of the skin shard, so the likelihood of obtaining a rare skin from the shard isn’t too high.

If players want to fully unlock the skin obtained from the shard, they’ll have to use Orange Essence—with the amount needed per skin increasing drastically based on its rarity. If players want to obtain more Orange Essence, they’ll have to disenchant their unwanted skin shards, disposing of them forever. Or, with three skin shards, players can reroll them to obtain one random complete skin that they don’t own.

The next free League skin shard will be available to Amazon Prime members through Prime Gaming on Sept. 2.

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