Next League champion to be released after the Viego storyline will be an ADC from ‘one of Runeterra’s most tenacious regions’

It'll be a while until the Ruined King's story is finished, though.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans might be getting ready for the next champion to drop with the story of Viego, the Ruined King. But AD carry mains should be happy to know that another bottom lane marksman will be joining the game’s roster at some point.

A recent leak of this month’s Champion Spotlight revealed that there are still two more champions left to be released that are connected to Viego’s storyline: the new Sentinel of Light and the gloomy yordle mage.

One of the leaks suggests that the new Sentinel of Light will be a marksman, but not in the traditional sense. The champion is set to be primarily used in the mid lane, which means that their kit will be more suited to the role. After these two champions, however, a marksman suited for the bottom lane is set to be released.

Additionally, the next AD carry will “give you an electrifying glimpse into one of Runeterra’s most tenacious regions.” There was also a quick GIF that showed off a mechanical-looking logo that some people have connected to Zaun due to the toxic green colors featured with the machinery.

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This new champion likely won’t be released until much later in the year, seeing as we’re still waiting on two more champions to drop from the Viego storyline. But we might get more details and teasers in upcoming developer blog posts.

Riot also discussed Dr. Mundo’s rework, the new Sentinel of Light, and the upcoming yordle in the leaked Champion Spotlight.

Update April 26 10:24am CT: The original story was written based on a leaked, translated version of the Champion Spotlight that was released on Friday, April 23. The story has been updated after Riot officially released the English version of the developer’s blog today.

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