New visual effects coming for Nami and her skins in League Patch 12.10

Updated animations are on the horizon for the Tidecaller.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is diving deep with new visual effect updates for many of League of Legends’ older champions, this time targeting a fish that has spent a little too much time out of the water.

Riot Zhanos announced on the League PBE subreddit that Nami will have many of her visual effects updated, targeting a release on the live servers in Patch 12.10. She will be joining Twisted Fate as the champions receiving these touch-ups during this patch, in which Riot is hoping to make the skins and abilities for older champions clearer by modern standards.

A teaser video for Nami’s VFX updates shows the new look of her abilities and basic attacks. It also highlights a few of Nami’s older skins that will be adjusted with new effects. Recent Nami skins, such as Bewitching and Cosmic Destiny, will not receive any new animations. Other skins will get slight tweaks with the new ability animations present in Nami’s base skin.

Koi Nami, which was released alongside Nami in 2012, will be the only skin of hers that is receiving a complete visual effect overhaul. This will include new animations and a recoloring of many of her abilities to fit her “koi” theme. It is unclear if this skin’s recall animation will be changed.

Nami’s resurgence in professional play at the end of 2021 and the start of this year has been caused by a powerful synergy with Lucian in the bot lane. Players have opted to bring Electrocute on the Tidecaller instead of the normal Summon Aery or Guardian options, proccing when she uses her E on Lucian even if she isn’t there. While the pick has fallen off from taking over the meta, it has created one of the most powerful bot lane pairs in recent League history.

These VFX changes for Nami are expected to be available for testing on the PBE soon and released on the live servers with Patch 12.10 on May 25. Players can also look forward to the large-scope durability update heading to League in Patch 12.10, tackling some of the major damage and healing issues that have run rampant within the game.


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