New League short story explores Senna’s ties with the Black Mist

A "curse"? More like a powerful weapon.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion Senna is almost here. To celebrate the support marksman’s addition to the live servers, Riot Games has released a new short story for this week’s lore update, diving into Senna’s connection with the Black Mist.

Titled “The Voices of the Dead,” the short story opens with Lucian and Senna stepping off of a boat onto the shores of Ionia. They’re there to hail the call of a Sentinel, but darkness surrounds the mountain village. As she makes her way up the mountain, Senna quickly realizes the Mist can sense her approach thanks to her “curse,” the connection that binds the two together.

Senna calls out for Anabal but is instead answered by his apprentice, a young girl named Daowan. The marksman makes her way down to the village’s catacombs to face the wraiths of the Mist. She decides to use her curse to her advantage, calling the Mist away. As the shadows cling to Senna, the Mist drops its captured souls. Senna is transformed into a wraith and she kills the final shadowy figure with her Relic Cannon.

Once the Mist departs, Senna returns to her body and is greeted by Lucian. Before the story ends, Lucian mentions the mysterious “Ruined King”—a character who’s returned for a second time in Senna-related lore and who fans may see more of in the future.

Patch 9.22 is scheduled to release tomorrow. Senna will be released on Nov. 10 alongside the new True Damage skins after the opening ceremony for the League of Legends World Championship finals.