New League bug: If you dance while dying as Zed, his dancing clone provides vision until respawn

Dance your way to free vision for a limited time.

Image via Riot Games

If you find yourself dying in enemy territory as Zed, you might want to spam the dance key right before you get sent back to the fountain.

A new League of Legends bug has been discovered that enables any enemy Zed to provide free vision in a certain area after his death by spawning in a clone during his dance animation.

When Zed dances, he spawns in a clone of himself to mimic his every movement behind him. But when Zed is killed, the clone actually stays behind and continues to dance as if nothing happened. He only disappears once Zed respawns at the fountain.

The reason why the dancing clone provides vision is because it’s coded into the game as an untargetable unit. But the bug allows it to give the same vision as a living Zed until the player respawns. This might not seem too useful, but it could actually provide interesting interactions in niche situations.

For example, a Zed could dive into the Baron or dragon pit to get some damage down onto the enemy team and dance right before his death. While he’s out of the fight, his clone could give his team valuable vision and information that can’t be denied by control wards or Oracle Lens.

Riot Games’ developer teams are all on break this week, however, and this bug doesn’t seem to be too rampant. Fans should expect a fix for this glitch sometime after they return from their much-needed vacation.

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