New K/DA songs may have been leaked

Here we go!

Image via Riot Games

In what appears to be a leak, two new song titles have appeared on K/DA’s Genius page. The songs are “Gold” and “GAME/OVER.”

Gold and GAME/OVER do not have viewable lyrics, and they each have the release date of Nov. 3, 2019, the one-year anniversary from the release of “POP/STARS.” It should be noted, however, that these songs have not been confirmed nor announced, but it is odd nonetheless.

K/DA burst right into our hearts on Nov. 3, 2018. “POP/STARS” became one of the most popular songs in the world, with the music video eclipsing 200 million views on YouTube. The video has more than 3 million likes as well.

It would make sense for Riot and K/DA to come out with another song or two, considering the popularity of the first. The in-game K/DA skin line is also one of the most popular available, so Riot stands to gain a lot by adding to the phenomenon.

Last year, K/DA was unveiled as part of the World Championship finals ceremony via an augmented reality stage performance. Although it’s impossible to know if Riot has a repeat idea planned for this year, there was a brand-new K/DA Akali performance at the LPL finals in China recently.

The AR Akali moved with much more realistic detail when compared to her 2018 counterpart, so at the very least, Riot’s definitely upped its game.

Hopefully, for the fans’ sake, there’s more where that came from soon. Worlds 2019 starts next month.