New idol skins may be heading to League of Legends

Prepare your wallets folks.

Images via ruliweb | Edit by Dot Esports

A new set of idol skins may be on the horizon for League of Legends after a new batch of leaked splash arts surfaced on the Korean forum Ruliweb earlier today.

The four leaked splash arts seem to feature Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Akali, and Ahri. The four champions are posed as if they were being photographed for an album cover.  The four skins also bear a striking resemblance to the popular KPOP group, BLACKPINK, aesthetics wise.

These skins add further credibility to yesterday’s skin leaks, which featured the in-game model for Kai’sa’s idol themed skin. Alongside idol Kai’sa, a halloween themed Janna skin which fits the bewitching skin-line was leaked yesterday.

While the other three champions featured in the splash art have various skins, this will be Kai’Sa first new skin since her release in March.

If these leaks are proven true, this will be Ahri’s second music-themed skin. In late 2013, Ahri received a similar pop-star themed skin, which played music during her recall animation.

It’s unknown if Riot Games plan to release these skins in-time for the upcoming World Championship. The only skin planned to release for the World Championship is championship Kha’zix and his various chroma variants for every team attending the global tournament.

While Riot Games has yet to formally announce these skins, let’s hope this set releases soon so we can see them on the World Championship stage.