Kai’Sa and Janna skins leaked on League website

Kai'Sa could be getting a punk look while Janna might be a part of this year's Bewitching event.

Image via Riot Games

In a week, the League of Legends World Championship kicks off, which means the Championship Kha’Zix skin will finally hit the Rift. The skin looks absolutely awesome, and should help raise a good amount to supplement the Worlds prize pool.

But according to Reddit user MaorelionKai, two additional skins were accidentally leaked on the League website. The skins will cover the Worlds event, the annual Halloween event, and an additional one before the season is over.

The second skin in the line looks like a Bewitching version of Janna. She kind of floats in the air and has a broom in place of Janna’s familiar wand. It’s a quirky, darker look for the elvish enchanter.

The last skin that was leaked is in a punk villain style that looks like it’s for Kai’Sa. Riot hasn’t confirmed the leak nor what champions the skins are for, but the back of her arms look like Kai’Sa’s transforming guns. The skin also shares the same axis as Kai’Sa’s base model, and they stand the same way.

We’re excited for the events that these skins will be a part of. The Bewitching event is always fun, especially if you get to take down a giant Teemo, and it’ll be awesome to see who else shares Kai’Sa’s edgy new look.