New batch of Coven skins coming to LoL next month, Riot confirms

Five new witches are arriving on the Rift.

League of Legends Coven skins 2023 teaser
Screenshot by Dot Esports via Riot Games

The Coven skin line, which is one of the most popular among the League of Legends player base, will be receiving a few new additions next month. The Coven skin line is set to introduce skins for Akali, Elise, Nami, Nilah, and Syndra on Oct. 11. 

The skins were announced earlier today via a cinematic trailer that features a monologue by Nami, who gives a rousing speech to her “sisters” of the coven, complete with ominous writing about “forgotten gods” and spooky vocal reverb. 

The Coven skin line, as the name would imply, sees champions in an alternate universe where they’ve joined a cult of witches. Over a dozen champions already have skins that are a part of the line, considering the skin line was introduced in 2018, and its popularity has allowed for the ranks of the coven to grow immensely. 

Nami, Akali, Elise, Nilah, and Syndra’s Coven skins will presumably have the same crimson, gold, and blue color schemes, with much of the theming of the skin line still evoking images of roots, leaves, and other forest-related symbols. 

What’s also worth noting about the new Coven skins is that the five new witches can be played together on Summoner’s Rift, with each of them being playable in positions they’re relatively comfortable in. Only Akali would have to be played in an off-role (top lane), but the other four champions would naturally slot into their main positions should you and four friends want to play with all of the new Coven skins on the Rift. 

Alongside the Coven skins comes one new addition to the “Old God” skin line, which shares a similar theming, but is reserved for male champions. This October, Mordekaiser will join the Old God skin line. In 2021, Malphite, Warwick, and Ivern were originally set to get “Coven” skins, but community feedback prompted a name change that spawned the Old God line. 

Mordekaiser’s Old God skin will be released right alongside the five Coven skins coming to the game on Oct. 11, which will be the same day as the launch of Patch 13.20.  


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