New and returning Arcade items invade Riot’s Merch Store

Get your hands on some sweet merch.

Image via Riot Games

An assortment of new and old Arcade League of Legends items are hitting Riot’s Merch store—and most of them won’t be around for long.

Riot has released a brand new line of Arcade mini figures based on Ezreal, Riven, Ahri, Miss Fortune, and Sona. They are being sold as a bundle for $35.

Alongside the launch of these new miniature figures, Riot is re-releasing the Arcade Hecarim figure that, for the longest time, has been locked in the vault. The figure will set you back $25.

Arcade Hecarim is one of many figures that Riot Games keeps locked in the merch vault to never be seen again. The Championship Thresh figure, for example, which was sold at Worlds 2015, has not been released since.

Once a figure goes into the Vault, there is no telling when, or if, Riot will have them on sale again, so anyone who missed their chance for Arcade Hecarim the first time should act now to get their hands on it.

As well as the figures, Riot also has a large assortment of Arcade-themed items on sale. This includes the Arcade hoodie ($45) which has been in the store for some time now, a few mousepads ($18 each), and the Arcade weapon pin packs ($18 each).

Riot hasn’t said whether these items will be on the sale for a limited time or, like the hoodie, whether they will continue to be sold throughout the year.