Nemesis says Wukong is overpowered after bouncing back in League solo queue match

The rework went above and beyond to bring the Monkey King back.

Photo via Riot Games

Over the past year, Fnatic’s mid-laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek started streaming more often, giving fans advice and insights into his solo queue mindset. While the League of Legends community is used to seeing little emotion from the player, even he was caught off guard by how strong the reworked Wukong is after returning from a major deficit on the new-and-improved Monkey King in a solo queue match today.

After Nemesis’ team fell 10 thousand gold behind the enemy team, all hope seemed lost. But after a series of miraculous plays from the Fnatic mid laner on the reworked champion, his team came back. Had he played another character, the plays he made would likely have had little to no impact on the match’s outcome. But Wukong is currently overtuned and allows players to wipe entire enemy teams while barely taking any damage in the process.

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The first play which surprised both the viewers and Nemesis himself was around the Baron at around 23 minutes, where he engaged on the enemy team and managed to come out unscathed by CC’ing the entire team with a simple click of his ultimate, which stacked up his passive and Conqueror, making him deceptively tanky.

Nemesis kept pulling off heroic plays, which allowed his team to come back and eventually win the game. At one point he even engaged one-vs-five and survived while also killing a member of the opposing team, giving enough time for his teammates to come to his aid. Wukong’s new passive, which grants him bonus armor and health regeneration, alongside the double knock-up from his ultimate makes him unkillable in teamfights. Nemesis seemingly took zero damage from an entire team, wiped them and claimed that the champion is too “OP.”

Multiple pro and high solo queue players, like Team Vitality’s Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi, LCS caster Kobe, and Twitch streamer Hashinshin, voiced their concern with the reworked status of Wukong, saying that he is overpowered by having so many tools in his kit, which makes him a huge nuisance for both tanks and squishy champions. 

Fnatic’s superstar mid laner teased a possible pick next week in League’s European Championship of mid Wukong after seeing how overpowered he is. He is currently streaming his solo queue games, picking Wukong if he is open. For those who want to see how a pro player can use Wukong’s rework kit to the maximum potential, then go ahead and check him out.