NACS Spring 2015 Bracket Revealed

Below take a look at the 16 team qualified for the NACS tournament. Bracket A: Enemy eSports Collegiate Gladiators Enemy has ex-LCS talent InnoXformerly top laner of EG now playing mid laner.

Below take a look at the 16 team qualified for the NACS tournament.



Bracket A:

Enemy eSports                               Collegiate Gladiators


Enemy has ex-LCS talent InnoX formerly top laner of EG now playing mid laner. Enemy has also signed Flaresz formely of Lolpro and top 10 solo queue player. Alongside them, are solo queue talents otter, Bodydrop, and alextheman.

Darkness                                     BrawL NA


BrawL has famous midlaner Alex Ich formally of Gambit will be the most prominent mid in this entire tournament. BrawL also has Final Five’s previous jungler ShorterACE who had a impressive performance in the expansion tournament.


Bracket B:

TDK                                         Team Frostbite


TDK has two former LCS pros with Seraph previously of CLG and Kez formerly of coL. TDK is by far the favorite in this match up with two great veterans in their lineup.

Storm                                         Zenith eSports


Storm has XDG previous mid laner mancloud along with solo queue talents xPecake and xSojin.


Bracket C:

Team Liquid Academy                Monster Kittens


Team Liquid is making a big impact on the challenger scene by picking up Curse’s former mid laner Nyjacky combined with top 10 solo queue star KEITHMCBRIEF. The Academy’s lineup will be facing off reformed Monster Kittens with many solo queue stars of their own such as ExecutionerK and Akaadian.

Team FeaR                               CLG Black


If there is any match to watch, it’s this one. Two very prominent organization, Team FeaR which hailed famous pros like aphromoo and the old Vulcun roster in Season 2 has acquired famous top laner and streamer RF Legendary. Combined with solo queue players CloudNguyen and Anjo, they face against CLG Black. CLG Black has reformed with ex-LCS player Westrice. CLG Black has also acquired Thinkcard who barely was turned down the position as jungler on the main roster. CLG obtained i kenny u previously of coL during last seasons challenger playoffs as well. CLG is looking to be one of the scariest teams in this tournament and in this bracket.


Bracket D:

Cloud 9 Tempest                           Roar


C9T has newly reformed with some of the best challenger talent available with top 50 players LOD and Yusui. They also have TheSoloKing (now Solo) previously of Zenith and 9JX (now Hard) a high ranking solo queue jungler. They play against Roar, with most famously Chaox previously of TSM and Inori of Enemy eSports. Roar additionally has Chinese player Spicy and Korean player Phase. Roar has also picked up known solo queue player Yuno (now Mizore). This match will be one of the most exciting matches of the tournament seeing Roar face one of the hardest teams in the tournament.

Team Confused                           AffNity


Team Confused previously 321321321 features most notably Azingy, a high profile streamer and jungler sub for Team Dignitas. In addition, Confused has picked up solo queue stars Big Ol Ron and MatLife. AffiNity previously MXLIX has most notably Bischu formely of C9T who narrowly failed to qualify for the LCS against EG in the summer of 2014.



As part of Team Roar, I’m excited to see how the tournament unwraps. Group C and D have some extremely tough competition ahead of them. Good luck to all teams qualified!