MSI: Day 1 Damage Shares

The first day of the Mid-Season Invitational was a chaotic affairwith constant combat all over the map in seemingly every game. On average, there were 0.84 kills per minute in yesterday's games.

The first day of the Mid-Season Invitational was a chaotic affair with constant combat all over the map in seemingly every game. On average, there were 0.84 kills per minute in yesterday’s games. Compare that to NA’s spring split average of 0.69 and you can see how bloodthirsty these international teams have been!

With all of that fighting going on, it’s interesting to see how the different teams distributed their carry roles. The chart below shows each team’s average damage shares (based on total damage to champions) from the MSI Day 1 games. Stats are provided separately for Easyhoon’s game and Faker’s two games.

Note: Damage share is calculated separately for each game and then averaged across all games. This may produce slight differences from damage share based on totaling the damage from all games and then producing a percentage.

AHQ e-Sports Club

Ziv: Gnar x3
Mountain: Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai x2
Westdoor: Fizz, Karthus, Twisted Fate
AN: Jinx, Kalista, Sivir
Albis: Janna, Thresh x2

The LMS champions had one of the most traditional damage distributions, with a bit more damage from westdoor in Mid and a bit less from AN at ADC. AN’s numbers are lower because of an abysmal 11% share, with 255 damage per minute, while playing Kalista against EDG. His other two picks performed quite well.

Be?ikta? e-Sports Club

Thaldrin: Cassiopeia, Gnar, Vladimir
Theokeles: Gragas, Rek’Sai, Sejuani
Energy: Diana, Lulu x2
Nardeus: Lucian, Sivir x2
DumbleDoge: Janna, Morgana x2

Partly because of Theokeles’ picks of Gragas and Sejuani, who both do a lot of damage to champions, Be?ikta? got a very high damage contribution from its Jungler, while Energy wasn’t able to contribute as much damage, even with Lulu’s high poke. Thaldrin played fairly high damage champions, but also wasn’t able to contribute a noticeably above-average amount of damage.

EDward Gaming

Koro1: Gnar, Hecarim
Clearlove: Sejuani x2
PawN: Cassiopeia, Lulu
Deft: Tristana, Urgot
Meiko: Alistar, Thresh

EDG was one of three teams whose Top laners provided the largest damage share, along with Fnatic and SKT. Koro1’s damage output with Hecarim was absolutely through the roof, putting out 817 damage per minute, which was the second-highest single-game DPM number of the day!


Huni: Cassiopeia, Hecarim
Reigover: Gragas, Sejuani
Febiven: Cassiopeia, LeBlanc
Steeelback: Urgot x2
YellowStar: Nautilus x2

Huni, Huni, Huni, Huni! The EU LCS Rookie of the Split hard-carried his team to success, massively out-damaging his Mid and ADC. Steeelback’s damage output was the lowest of all MSI ADCs, but that’s partly due to playing Urgot, and partly because of high damage contributions from Jungle and Support, both of which were playing high-damage champions for their roles. (If you’ve never taken a close look at Nautilus’s damage output, it’s super high for Supports!)

SK Telecom T1

MaRin: Gnar, Rumble x2
Bengi: Rek’Sai x3
Faker: Azir, Cassiopeia
Easyhoon: Vladimir
Bang: Kalista, Lucian, Urgot
Wolf: Alistar, Annie, Thresh

No surprise, SKT relied more on their Mid lane for damage output in Faker’s games, while in Easyhoon’s game there was more reliance on Bang’s Kalista. The big story, though, is MaRin, who put out 1,047 damage per minute on Gnar vs. TSM, doing 39% of the team’s damage. He accomplished it by getting early gank support from Bengi’s Rek’Sai and snowballing on Dyrus super hard with a first-item Frozen Mallet. What a performance.

Team SoloMid

Dyrus: Gnar, Hecarim, Maokai
Santorin: Gragas, Rek’Sai, Sejuani
Bjergsen: Cho’Gath, Ziggs x2
WildTurtle: Kalista, Sivir x2
Lustboy: Thresh x3

Bjergsen had the highest damage responsibility for TSM, no surprise. His damage output was inflated somewhat by Ziggs’ high poke, but that’s why you play the little Yordle, after all. Dyrus’s 19.5% is much higher than his Spring Split average, and that didn’t work out very well for TSM. Yes, Dyrus did 450 DPM and 29% damage share vs. SKT as Hecarim, but in the meantime he was giving up a 1,047 DPM game to MaRin’s Gnar.

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Statistics: Tim “Mag1c” Sevenhuysen