Moonstone Renewer getting nerfs, Grievous Wounds items being buffed in League Patch 11.4 preview

Will the season 11 meta finally change for the better?

Image via Riot Games

The reign of Moonstone Renewer will soon be no more.

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, gameplay design director for League of Legends, revealed in a Patch 11.4 preview today that several meta-defining items are finally receiving some nerfs, while other underused items are getting some much-needed buffs to make them relevant once more. The full scope of these changes is expected to be revealed in a patch preview tomorrow.

The scope of Moonstone Renewer’s nerfs are not yet known, but they’re likely to take the item away from being a popular option on non-enchanter champions. The synergy that this item creates with Staff of Flowing Water, another low-cost support item, has made a huge impact on the meta, particularly with some jungle picks.

The buff list features items that Riot is looking to make more enticing, especially for champions that may have lost some of the power that came with Moonstone Renewer. 

The Mythic item Everfrost, one that’s rarely built due to the effectiveness of Liandry’s Anguish and Luden’s Torment, will see some rejuvenation in this patch.

Underused Grievous Wounds-inflicting items like Chempunk Chainsword, Morellonomicon, and Mortal Reminder will also be buffed to compensate for the sheer amount of healing that’s dominating the current meta.

Cosmic Drive and Guinsoo’s Rageblade have seen their niches fluctuate across champions, but they’ll likely be more appealing to a wider champion pool with their buffs coming in this patch as well.

All of the changes in this patch preview are tentative and subject to alteration prior to reaching the live servers. League’s Patch 11.4 is expected to be released on Feb. 18.

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